The Commission usually prepares at least two publications during the course of a project. The first of these, the Discussion Paper, sets out the various issues and the suggestions for reform being considered by the Commission. The purpose of the Discussion Paper is encourage people to read and understand the issues, values and principles that the Commission is identifying as the basis for its proposed reforms. The staff of the Commission spend time with media and other groups discussing the proposals and encourage people to comment on the suggested reforms.

The second document is a Final Report which is submitted to the Government for consideration. It contains the final recommendations of the Commission as well as additional research and, in many cases, a draft law. The Commission's final recommendations take into account the responses it received to the Discussion Paper. The Final Report is intended to provide a basis for the Government to consider and adopt the Commission's recommendations.

In addition to the Discussion Papers and Final Reports the Commission also publishes its Annual Reports.  The following reports are in Adobe PDF format.  This format requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Annual Reports
Final Reports