What does the Law Reform Commission do?

The Law Reform Commission has published papers and reports in a variety of areas, including enforcement of family maintenance obligations, adult guardianship and living wills, the jury system, probate, mental health law, builders liens, vexatious litigants, grandparent/grandchild access, contaminated sites, trusts law (the rule against perpetuities), and human rights law (seniors-only housing).  The Commission was one of the lead partners in the development of Nova Scotia's Civil Procedure Rules, which govern the process of litigation in Nova Scotia's courts.

The Commission's projects cover a broad range of social and legal issues. Any person may suggest a law reform project to the Commission. A number of the Commission's projects have arisen from requests (references) from the Government of Nova Scotia. Others are undertaken in collaboration with other stakeholders in the Nova Scotia justice system.

The Commission is currently involved in work on enforcement of civil money judgments, builders liens and powers of attorney.